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Healing Chronic Pain Patterns on a Deep Neurological Level

Chronic Non-Specific Pain is a debilitating phenomena. So may clients walk through my doors that suffer from back, knee, hip, neck, shoulder or other joint pain that have had varying diagnosis and treatment but have had a limited real time change in their pain pattern and need further support for change.

This begs the question if rehabilitation needs to take place from a purely physiological perspective or is there a deeper story to uproot for lasting change.

The reality is that every time we run a musculo-skeletal pattern it gets programmed into the body's 'computer system' or the brain. Whether this is a functional or non functional pattern. The body will generally take the easiest route and compensations and memorise this, especially where injury or pain patterns are involved.

Certain muscles turn off and go to sleep. The body response almost becomes a 'hypnotic state' or a holding pattern that keeps us stuck in our pain. The same neurons fire. Dr Joe Dispenza very famously say 'neurons that fire together, wire together'. The more we run a pattern whether physiological, mental or emotional, the more instantaneous the body's response to trigger these patterns consciously and subconsciously keeping us stuck in pain.

So what is the solution to resolve that niggly knee, annoying back, hip or shoulder pain that is plaguing you? How do we reprogram the brain to run more functional neurological pattern? A pattern that supports healing, growth and pain free living. The opportunity to THRIVE. A clear map for a 'Journey To Wellness'.

My studies have lead me across multiple disciplines to unravel the story. We really are a collection of all the experiences of our past. When dysfunctional habits land us in pain and pathology the starting point is to look at those habits that are keeping us stuck in pain.

But the secret is not just to look at the physiological patterns but also to look at the mental neurological and emotional patterns.

The reality is if we can not re-pattern the neurology to start waking up those muscles that are asleep that is not supporting us in a way that is function whether it is the core, gluteals, glute medial muscles, shoulder stability, neck core, foot core or whichever muscular groups are not firing and doing their job we run the risk of continuously firing the muscle patterns that is not serving us with multiple triggers attached to the program that is running.

So how do we re-pattern the neurology?

Take a targeted, individual approach (because one size does not fit all) - ask the body? Because who better to ask than your own body what you need, not what you think you need, but what you actually need to re-pattern neurology.

Kinesiology muscle checking tests each muscle that is relevant in your pain pattern that is either asleep or overactive lead by your individual neurology. We each run our own individual patterns and need something different to 'wake up' or 'instill' better habits and patterns.

As the electrical signals to those energy systems or muscles are woken up where they are asleep or dampened where they are over active, we create a new clear pathway for function, recovery and repair through various techniques. Techniques ranging from draining the muscle system lymp (meridian system), activating more functional blood (neurovascular) and nutrient flow to the deficient musculature, looking at the neurological signal from the brain to the body through the spine (Spinal Reflexes) and releasing trigger points or dysfunctional patterns through various acupressure techniques and looking at nutrient and food deficiency as well as the emotional mental triggers linked that is holding the dysfunctional patterns in place.

Then support this with physiological retraining of habits and patterns. Move from here into a proven physical retraining program with targeted exercises that is specific to what you need. Not reinforcing the dysfunctional pattern but a clear map of which muscles to target unilaterally to bring better balance to the system.

I have combined my training across multiple disciplines from Pilates to Yoga to Postural Restoration to get the best results in eliminating pain and pathology through online programs, online and in studio 1:1 sessions.

Don't feel stuck in your pain. Tap into your ability to THRIVE.

Book a free 30 minute assessment call today to look at options for a program designed for you to eliminate pain.

My favourite tools for myofascial release in studio.

I have found during the years using certain aids can help alleviate muscles tightness (remember these have to be coupled with a functional retraining program).

I often use a foam roller for myofascial release - follow my instagram feed @annekepettenburger and @yogapilatesdaily for more tutorials on how to use this piece of equipment.


I also use my acupressure mat regularly for overall health and wellbeing.

Start taking control of your healing journey.

In Health and Happiness


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