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Reset Your Program. Treat The Cause Of Physical, Emotional and Mental Pain. Not Just The Symptom.

I have been in the wellness industry collectively for 20 years now. I have seen many clients in my studio and rooms over the past 12 years that suffer from physical, mental or emotional pain.

Sometimes they start with physical pain and this turns into depression and anxiety as they can't perform their daily tasks. Or sometimes depression and anxiety turns into physical pain.

Whatever the symptom the reality is we need to deal with the cause of the symptom to have lasting change.

In Western Medicine we are very often guided to deal with the symptoms. Steroid injections, Cortizone, Antibiotics, Pain tablets, anti depresssants, anti anxiety tablets and sleeping tablets to mention a few.

Disturbances such as Chronic Body Pain without a clear cause, IBS, Constipation, Sleeplessness, Depression, Exhaustion, Anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia, Unexplained Weight Gain, Obsessive Eating, Food Allergies, Body Dismorphia, Painful PMS, Severe Menopausal Symptoms and much more has become common place.

The reality is our bodies are designed to heal from the inside out with the right input. Find the cause of the problem, resolve the cause and the symptom disappears.

This is where Specialised kinesiology plays a role in resetting the system, debugging the program in order for our body to do what it is meant to, heal - physically, mentally and emotionally.

What is specialised kinesiology?

Specialised kinesiology is a form of muscle testing. I could not put it better than a fellow kinesiologist to give you a synopsis of how specialised kinesiology can help you find the cause of a symptom and then resolve the symptom.

"Specialised kinesiology is a form of alternative therapy developed and launched initially by Dr. George J. Goodheart, a chiropractor, in 1964.

He was inspired by the muscle testing theories proposed by R.W.Lovett back in the 1930's and by subsequent contributions to the theory by Henry and Florence Kendall in the late 1940's.

Goodheart formulated the kinesiologic approach to identifying and treating, through manual manipulation, weakened muscles that had been creating stresses that led to chronically painful conditions, amongst many other things.

He achieved impressive results with his patients by testing and treating particular muscles, leading to release of stress and tension often followed by the rapid cessation of pain that, for some, had been a long-term problem and apparently untreatable by typical modern Western medicinal methods.

Further important developments in applied kinesiology have been contributed over the following decades by other therapists. These include the noted osteopath, Frank Chapman, who identified the important role of Lymph flow and Terence Bennett, another chiropractor, who achieved improved results by encouraging better blood flow. Such work allowed Goodheart to make further additional improvements to his muscle testing and illness alleviating treatments.

Kinesiology is a hands on approach to dealing with pain or blockages and stresses of some kind...

... the potential efficacy of applied kinesiology is far more wide ranging. Besides the simple concept of releasing and relieving physical stresses that reduce or eradicate chronic pain, it has also been shown to improve skin conditions, stop diarrhoea, relieve acid reflux, alleviate blood pressure problems, counter the symptoms of yeast infections, and have many other diverse benefits...

...Specialized Kinesiology, and Energy Kinesiology are forms that have taken particular heed of the additional work contributed to kinesiologic theory by Alan Beardsall.

He proposed the model of the brain as a kind of complex biological computer, or 'Bio-Computer'. He suggests that in kinesiology the testing of muscles is, in fact, a way of allowing the 'Bio-Computer' to provide necessary feedback to allow healing actions to be taken.

Specialized Kinesiology involves the greater use of intuition and emotional input and allows for the development of courses of action that are specific, and appropriate for each patient.

In my practice I have found that clients that suffer from Chronic Pain, whether mental, emotional or physical have made incredible recovery from the inside out.

I have used this incredible technique and specifically the work of Andrew Verity and neuro training kinesiology to successfully to rehabilitate chronic pain in clients that felt there was 'no hope'.

If you would like further information to see if kinesiology can help you or book a session follow this link:

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