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What is Kinesiology and how can it help me shift habits, beliefs and pain patterns?

How can kinesiology help you shift habits, beliefs and pain patterns running on a physiological, mental and emotional level?

We are neurologically governed beings. Our peripheral nervous system is split into two sections. The autonomic nervous system that is largely unconscious and regulates bodily functions like the heart rate, digestion, glands, unconscious breathing, etc where-as our somatic nervous system is that part which controls our muscular actions. Our entire existence is run by input that travels to the brain through various neural pathways.


OLD PROGRAMS When it comes to our responses the brain references the past to see if it can somehow make sense of the input it has received. Sometimes the references we have filed is not helpful or does not support us to grow and thrive. Emotional pain patterns, physiological pain patterns and mental pain patterns we run unconsciously or consciously. These patterns or references prevent us from accessing our innate ability to heal and thrive. When we establish patterns or neurological pathways every time we repeat these pattern or behaviours we lay more myelin around the nerve that programs this behavioural pattern into our neurology, thus the response becomes more instantaneous.

BECOME THE CHANGE - SHIFT UNWANTED BEHAVIOUR Those times where we ask, why did I do that again, or why am I experiencing this same back pain or why did I say that again or create that relationship again... There are ways we can re-pattern on a neurological level. Some of these are meditation or being acutely aware and becoming the watcher. Sometimes on a conscious level we recognise these patterns and attempt to change but without success as our subconscious mind is not supporting the process. This is where kinesiology has had incredible results with reprogramming various behavioral patterns running across a wide spectrum ranging from mental, emotional and physical symptoms. The weight that is just not shifting, that repetitive migraine you just can’t shake, the unexplained sudden allergy that is plaguing you, the relationships that you keep getting into that is not healthy for you, the goals you set yourself that you are not achieving, the fears and phobias you have that is preventing you from moving forward.

THE ANSWER We are bio computers. We store all information, all the events of our lives not only in our brains but on a cellular level in every fiber of our body and organs.Through muscle testing we can connect to your subconscious mind and find those stored memories and behaviours and offer the brain a way of accessing its innate ability to heal and to shift behaviours and patterns to serve us better. Through using various techniques we can reprogram our computer or press the reset button to clear misbehaving memory banks so new references can be made and events can shift. By working with meridians, acupressure, neuro-lymphatic and neurovascular and many other techniques we can have a lasting effect on the neurology and resolve the cause of a symptom rather than just the symptom itself. BOOK A SESSION TODAY. SHIFT YOUR REALITY. STEP INTO YOUR ABILITY TO THRIVE.

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