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Sarah W, Professional NHS

When I started experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders which was leading to tension headaches,
I asked Anneke for advice and she suggested a 1:1 session. 

She identified what was causing me the issues and gave me a set of exercises to do. We then did a Kinesiology session. My sleep improved immediately, and a few days after the session I found that the brain fog that had been hanging over me lifted and I was able to focus on healing by doing the daily exercises, being more conscious of my breath and my posture and improving my diet. The pain in my neck and shoulders has disappeared. I have had various sessions in the past with chiropractors and physios, but Anneke is the only person who has really taken the time to look at what was going on holistically and help me understand what I needed to heal. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is experiencing pain.



 Joseph Pilates was strongly influenced by yoga and gymnastics, the exercises and exercise equipment challenges the body to develop stability as well as mobility and a mind-body connection. It has helped many of my clients move through injury, prevent injury and improve sports specific performance.

“In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body”  -  Jospeh Pilates

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BUDOKON translates as

"The way of the warrior spirit".

This unique style of movement combines martial arts, meditation, calisthenics, animal locomotion and yoga. It is a

multi-functional discipline that challenges the individual to embark on a personal journey through movement & change.


"The way we do anything is the way we do everything." - Cameron Shayne

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Synergy yoga is a fluid style of Hatha developed by Simon Borg-Olivier. He studied extensively with BKS Iyengar and Patthabi Jois. Incorporating his extensive knowledge of yoga with his physiotherapy background has led to a unique way of approaching yoga. It is gentle, yet invigorating, achievable yet challenging.


"I use yoga to lovingly encourage the circulation of energy and consciousness throughout my body to be in greater harmony with everything around me." - Simon Borg-Olivier

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I have studied the behavioural patterns of the human mind since my early twenties, specifically following the work of John Kehoe, The equivalent of "I Am" termed Quest in South Africa and John Demartini amongst many others.

Most recently I have been fascinated with Dr Joe Dispenza and Wayne Dyer as well as Krishna Das, Zen meditation and Pranayama, I enjoy studies of the mind, breath and psychology related to belief systems and reprogramming.

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Kinesiology brings balance to the mental, physical and emotional aspects of our being. We can achieve the goals we set for ourselves, deal with current or past challenges we face on a physical, emotional or mental level. It works with our neurology & belief systems through various techniques enabling us to break patterns and create new neurological options using our innate ability to heal.

"Each body, every person has their own answers, their own unique solutions to imbalance. Why? Because we have our own unique genetics and experience of life." – Andrew Verity



Dorn Method is a client/practitioner healing technique that uses gentle muscle movements from the client to help the practitioner in realigning the skeleton, guiding it gently back into balance. This method can be applied post session by the client themselves to bring about balance within the skeletal system & promote wellbeing.


This incredible alignment technique is helpful to alleviate a range of symptoms from musculo-skeletal to neurological discomfort and pain in the neck SIJ, back, hip, knee, ankle, feet and shoulder joints. 

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When I had kids I explored working with little people & absolutely love it. I teach a fusion of Pilates for core strength, Yoga for flexibility & functional movement for mobility. I run classes and workshops based on demand.



I have been fortunate enough to study under and work with amazing teachers. Please take a moment and view their websites for additional info and to learn more. 


for private or group classes, Kinesiology or Dorn treatments:

+44 7956528671

Basingstoke & Surrounds, Hampshire

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